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Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I love to paint on many different kind of surfaces. One of my favorite surfaces in a plain old coffee can. These metal cans will probably become a thing of the past since they are being replaced with plastic (boo hoo). I make wooden tops for them. They make good containers for just about anything, especially cookies.

This cute snowman was designed by Terrye French. It is from her painting book “Winter Holly and Christmas Jolly” published in 2000. Unlike me, some things never seem to grow old.

Would love to hear from you about your painting experiences and your favorite patterns that never seem to grow old.


“Welcome 2012”

Gingerbread boys hanging out in the snow

These little gingerbread boys think the snow is great! They are visiting my daughter in Utah. After the snow melts we will bring them indoors and place them all snuggled and warm back in their cozy little box. Next holiday season we will bring them out again.

Since we live in Texas, we get very little snow. However, we have had two very good rains lately. After the extremely dry year we had in 2011 it was very much appreciated.

I can’t believe January of 2012 is half over and I am still posting Christmas ornaments. Do you think I am a little behind?

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, you’re always welcome back!

It’s Santa Time

What a wonderful time of year.

This is a little Santa I painted recently. I cut the design from 3/4″ white pine. After a whole lot of sanding and many hours of painting I finally arrived with the finished product.

I like the way it turned out and it really was a labor of love. I can bring it out every year and it will always have a special place in our home.

Happy Holidays to all!

Snow Buddies Two

OK the season is over.

I know but I still like snowmen. With all the snow everyone is having, it made me think of these little snowmen.

I painted them on a piece of  “duck” material that had been coffee stained. Feel free to copy and use this painting for any of your personal projects.

The original painting was scanned to make this copy. It can be resized as needed for your projects.

Please let me know how you might have used this painting.

I love comments!

Snowman and Wooden Flower

 This cute snowman was painted from a design by Terrye French. Some patterns never grow old. It is from her painting book “Winter Holly and Christmas Jolly” published in 2000.

As always, snowmen are so much fun to paint. It was painted on a metal coffee can, the ones that is becoming antiques and most people throw in the dumpsters.

Not the crafters … no no no … we save everything. It’s great to be able to use a painting surface that is free and available.

The flower is made of wood and is a charming addition to any country and primitive home decor. 

Blessings and Happy Painting!

Santa Claus is coming soon!

Miniature Flower Pots

These funky little snowmen are delighted that Christmas is just around the corner. The ones on the left are having a snowball fight. The pot in the middle has gone green, while the snowmen on the right is just happy to be alive.  

 Truly adorable, mini flower pots can be used in so many ways. Fill them with candles, almonds, potpourri, a packet of seeds, or even toothpicks. 

They can be used as party favors all wrapped up in cellophane and tied with a pretty ribbon. Present a beautifully potted plant at each place setting for a breathtaking display. It will add color to the table and your guests can take home a practical gift.

Stay tuned and I will be showing more Christmas goodies in my next posts.

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What’s this … A Gourd Snowman

What do you do with a gourd that looks like a snowman. Only one thing, get out your acrylic paint. Look through your fabric stash for material to make a warm top hat and then rummage around for decorations.

Isn’t it fun to make something useful out of somethings not so useful.

This snowman will be so happy and love you forever.

Til next time, thanks for stopping by!

Coming next, “There’s A pumpkin in the Gourd Patch”.