Bathroom Tissue Holder

I used to paint with a friend of mine every Monday. We painted on anything we could find suitable that the paint would adhere too. One day she brought some surplus wooden boxes. They were too good to throw away, so we had to think of something to paint on them.

I started looking for ideas from some old painting books that I had picked up from a garage sale and found the perfect thing. Yea, bathroom tissue holder!

It is also very useful.

Happy painting to you’ll.



3 thoughts on “Bathroom Tissue Holder

  1. June

    I love it! What a great idea. Like yourself, I’ve always loved painting on anything I could find – boxes, tins, glass jars, slate, stones, shells, canvases (of course), but my heart has always been drawn to and most in love with painting on wood. I love your style – very happy and country comfort-y. Thanks for sharing this, and for a lovely blog, too (I’ve only just ‘found’ you, but I’m really enjoying it all).


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