Paper Plate Holder

I made this paper plate holder from 3/4″ white pine. It is painted sky blue with white clouds. It has been sealed with a coat of clear varnish. I use it in my kitchen sitting on the counter to hold my paper plates. This is a Gail Eads design from her painting book “Country Nest”.

Have a great week everyone, and keep painting!


4 thoughts on “Paper Plate Holder

  1. florence and freddie

    Hi Betty, I am not sure quite how I found you but I am glad I did. You have a beautiful blog. Especially love your bird house (april post). You have inspired me to dust off my paint brushes and get back to the crafts I love. Will definately be back again.
    Regards Florence.

    1. Betty Post author

      Hi, Thanks so much for your visit to my blog (and for your like and comment). I agree that painting is very satisfying and enjoyable. When I first started painting it made me nervous because I wanted it to be perfect. After a while I began to relax and really enjoy it. I don’t paint as much as I used to (getting older makes a difference). Hope you get back into painting. I would love to see some of your work. From the looks of your blog, I know it will be great.
      Cheers, Betty


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