Back to what Brung Me!

Crafting and Painting.

Paints, Brushes, Books, and Patterns.

Sap Buckets, lots and lots of Sap Buckets.

Rusty Sap Buckets, worn out Sap Buckets, and Dirty Sap Buckets.

I painted this Sap Bucket to be used as a container to hold flowers, whatevers, or maybe even a waste basket.

I double loaded my brush with different shades of green paint to get the desired look that I was striving for. I went around this sucker many, many times.

I have a bad fault, perfection is something I strive for (It dosen’t always happen and often ends up in Bin 13).

The Spring flowers and sign just came along for the ride.

Happy painting to you all!!!


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