Snow Buddies Two

OK the season is over.

I know but I still like snowmen. With all the snow everyone is having, it made me think of these little snowmen.

I painted them on a piece of  “duck” material that had been coffee stained. Feel free to copy and use this painting for any of your personal projects.

The original painting was scanned to make this copy. It can be resized as needed for your projects.

Please let me know how you might have used this painting.

I love comments!


2 thoughts on “Snow Buddies Two

  1. Keith

    Hello, i love the look of that particular style of the faded yellowish brown color around the inside of the lining. How/ or what do you use to make that look?
    Love the paintings!

    1. Anonymous

      Just reread my comment to you, hope u know what i mean.. Its like there are normal white snowman paintings and then i see these ones with this certain style that are white with this brownish faded color inside all around them, u know. Like an oldtime look..


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