Old brown glass snuff bottle

The old brown glass snuff bottle has become a thing of the past and is now just a faded memory. Most of these old bottles ended up in city or rural dumps. However, some are still around.

They can be found in many places, in antique stores, stored in an attic gathering dust, packed away in boxes, and in many forgotten places only to be found by our great grand-children. 

I still have several of these old bottles. One morning I felt creative and wanted to paint. I had no wood cut to paint on. What is a woman to do?

One of these old bottles was sitting on a shelf just staring at me. So, I thought, why not. Terrye French chicken pattern, old bottle, perfect match.

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3 thoughts on “Old brown glass snuff bottle

  1. Billy

    Did that snuff bottle belong to someone in your family? That is both creative and beautiful. I see it’s got the original cork in the top. I remember my Grandpa used to dip snuff and in the late evenings he would sit outside in a rocking chair and tell me about the moon while I sat in his lap and laid my head on his chest. I could smell the dry snuff that had drifted down from the bottle. I’ll bet that uncorked bottle could bring back some memories for me. Thank you for sharing your picture.

      1. NED GUEST

        hi,i have two of those old snuff bottles with labels of tobacco scotch &rappee snuff 1 of them has a little smoking pipe wooden spoon in it and some snuff in it ,have you ever seen a pipe spoon , if you have email me and you might how old these are manufactured by levi garrett& sons… thank you ned in tn.

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